What is the best weed killer on the market

Lake Bottom Blanket Aquatic Weed Control, a Chemical Free Lake Weed Control Benthic Barrier Kills 100 Weeds it Targets, Doesn't Harm The Lake Instant Weed Free Swimming (10 feet x 30 feet)

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The Lake Bottom Blanket is a chemical free, sun light barrier that is an affordable solution for the control of the aquatic weeds that have detrimental effects on water quality and the recreational use of Lakes and Ponds. The Lake Bottom Blanket is designed for the lake front property owner to rid his or her waterfront of unsightly aquatic weeds with 100 effectiveness. This style of lake weed control is considered a Benthic Barrier, and it's design has advantages over the other sunlight blockers currently on the market, and it is by far the least costly and easiest to use. What's included: - 40 foot LBB (with 9 weight tubes) - Caution Buoy - Installation Ropes - 9 Sets of 3/8" rebar end caps - 2 sets of 1/2" rebar end caps (for areas with high water activity) Things You Will Need for Installation: - (9) Pcs. of 3/8" x 10 foot long Rebar Purchased locally (Lowes) - Nice Calm Day to install - Row Boat - and maybe a friend to help How It Works: For plants to grow they require sunlight, when you reduce or eliminate sunlight you stop plants from synthesizing food and they die. This is the premise of the Lake Bottom Blanket, it shades only the areas that you decide you want cleared; in less than 4 weeks it kills the plant life under the LBB and doesn't allow new growth, normally for an entire season. Assumption of Risk "In no event shall our company be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our products." Because of the nature of this product the customer has to assume the risk of usage. This product is used mainly in water, all precautions must be identified by customer for a safe environment for the product and the community that comes in contact with it".

Buy what is the best weed killer on the market from
  • Non Chemical herbicide alternative therefore it causes no harm to fish, animals or other aquatic life
  • DIY, Easy and Inexpensive 15 minute install; Purchasing our Patented Lake Bottom Blanket, includes a detailed installation DVD; in 4 -5 weeks move to a different location to kill more weeds, or remove and the weeds are dead. NOT SUITABLE FOR WALKING/STANDING UPON IN SHALLOW WATER!
  • Purchase Rebar weighting locally to save money on shipping; we recommend 3/8 inches rebar; 1/2" rebar can be used in area with more water activity
  • Approved for use in lakes and ponds by The Department of Natural Resources (DNR); Successful in the fight against Eurasian Milfoil, Curley Leaf Pond Weed, Phragmites (reeds), Lily pads, and all the submersed aquatic weeds that have destroy our gorgeous waterfronts
  • The Lake Bottom Blanket comes in many sizes, The 10 foot X 40 foot blanket will cover an area of 433 square feet

Buy what is the best weed killer on the market from

What is the best weed killer on the market