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Blood Pressure Monitor by Paramed: Accurate Automatic Upper Arm Bp Machine & Pulse Rate Monitoring Meter with Cuff 22-40cm, 120 Sets Memory, LCD & Talking - Device Bag & 4AAA Included - Fda Approved

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Stay Healthy & Make The Most Of Your Days With Reliable Blood Pressure Measurements!

Blood pressure and heart rate measurements are of essential and should be taken seriously, to prevent harmful health issues.

Unfortunately, not all adult blood pressure monitors are trustworthy, making disappointed users rely on 'crossed fingers' to safeguard their health!

If you are tired of...

... inaccurate measurements

... inconvenient cuffs

...flimsy blood monitor parts

...or unclear instructions that spoil convenient use,


Introducing The Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor On The Market!

At Paramed we walk the extra mile to ensure that your blood pressure and heart rate measurements are PRECISE, EASILY TAKEN EVERYWHERE. This is why our digital blood pressure device stands out among the many similar ones!

These are only some of the reasons:

2-User 120 sets memory
Average value function
Larger, easy-to-read LCD screen
Voice broadcast Silent function
Self-checking of cuff positioning
Arrhythmia testing
Date/Time & Low Battery Display
4 AAA Batteries Included AC Adapter Option (Not Included)
Background music

A Thoughtful Gifting Idea

Safeguard your loved ones' health with a premium automatic blood pressure monitor! Offer it as a gift to health-conscious users of all ages; it is a high-end home pressure monitor that will ensure the peace of mind of the lucky recipient!

The Ultimate RISK-FREE Experience

We are making your experience absolutely HASSLE FREE, backing our arm blood pressure kit with 100 Money Back Guarantee! To us, our customer satisfaction is TOP NOTCH!

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  • EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY: The large LCD display with the clear, oversized numbers makes reading measurements on the high-blood pressure device a most convenient experience
  • GET THE PERFECT CUFF POSITIONING: Stop relying on 'crossed fingers' every time you adjust the cuff of your blood pressure monitor! The ground-breaking feature of SELF-CHECKING makes Paramed device perfect for Arrhythmia testing as well
  • VOICE BROADCAST FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: The VOICE BROADCAST in English makes an alternative for SILENT MODE, facilitating testing for users with different needs
  • ADVANCED TWO-USER MEMORY: The upgraded 2-PERSON memory of 120 sets makes this arm blood pressure machine a MUST-HAVE for every home. The ALARM CLOCK alert is adding to your peace of mind
  • GET IT RISK FREE: Automatic high blood-pressure adult sphygmomanometer by Paramed comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!

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Blood Pressure Monitor HYLOGY Clinically Accurate Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor 2 * 120 Memory Storage

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The Features of Hylogy Blood Pressure Monitor
Hylogy Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a digital and fully automatic device for measuring blood pressure.
Precisely measure systolic/diastolic blood pressure and pulse frequency by the oscillometric method of measurement.
Sophisticated and compact, easy to carry, monitor your blood pressure to track your health at any time.

The blood pressure values must lie within certain normal ranges in order to prevent particular diseases.
Consult your doctor if it is too high at rest (diastolic blood pressure exceeds 90 mmHg/systolic blood pressure exceeds 160 mmHg).
Even with normal blood pressure values, a regular self-check with your blood pressure monitor is recommended.

How to use
1.Open the battery cover and put the batteries in. Pay attention to the """-" poles of the battery.
2.Secure the cuff with the Velcro fastener and wrap around the left wrist, fasten it tightly.
3.The distance between the cuff and the hand should be approximately 10mm.
4.Sit up straight and hold back straight. Keep device and heart at the same level.
5.Press the power button to measure. Do not move and speak during measurement.

Measuring Range: SYS/DIA: 30 to 280 mmHg
Pulse: 40 to 200 beat/minute
Rated Voltage: DC 3V 1.5W
Dimensions: 69 x 63 x 29 1.0 mm
Weight: 133g5g
Cuff Size: 13.5-21cm

1.Avoid eating, smoking and exercising before the measurement. Measure after about ten minutes of relaxation.
2.Attempt to regularly measure the same wrist (usually left) at the same time per day because the blood pressure changes constantly.
3.Do not use the instrument near strong electromagnetic fields such as mobile phones or radio equipment.
4.If the instrument is not going to be used for a prolonged period, please remove the batteries.
5.Make sure children do not use the instrument unsupervised to avoid an accident.

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  • Clinically Approved: Advanced IntelliSense Technology, Germany imported chips make the monitor highly accurate and stable, recommended by doctors for home blood pressure monitoring, a "family doctor" you can trust
  • Full-Scale Detection: Measure heartbeats, pulse, systolic and diastolic blood pressure by one measurement, include irregular heartbeats detection, avoids frequent need of going to hospital for these accurate health monitoring services
  • Humanized Design: One-button measurement, simply operated. The cuff is adjustable from 5.3-8.3 inches. Large LCD screen gives clear and accurate readings for aged users. Automatic shutdown without operation in 30 seconds
  • Dual-User Mode: The monitor is available for two users with 120 sets of data storage for each user, keeps tracking your health data in real-time. No stripping sleeves, easy to wear
  • Package Includes: HYLOGY wrist blood pressure monitor, storage box, user manual, 2 AAA batteries, 24 months warranty card. An unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase

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Blood Pressure Monitor, Lovia Automatic Digital Upper Arm BP Monitor with Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate for Home Use, 2 * 120 Memory Mode, Large LCD Display, FDA/CE Certified

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Features of model B02:

1-Double User 240 sets memory
2-Date/time display
3-Backlight display
4-External Power adapter support
5-Display Battery compartment
6-Arm width-range cuff
7-Memory button
8-START/STOP button
9-Date/Time Setting


Steps to measure blood pressure
*Relax in a quiet environment for 5 minutes before measuring blood pressure, if necessary, take a few deep breaths to keep your heart rate steady.
*Sit quietly in an upright position with legs uncrossed and feet flat on the floor.
*Keep the position of the cuff at the same height of your heart, meanwhile the cuff's tube off-center towards the inner side of the arm (in line with your pinky finger) and close the cuff. The cuff shouldn't be too tight or loose. To test the cuff's fit, snugly insert one index finger between the cuff and your arm.
*Naturally put your hand on table and let your palm face up. Do not talk or move your body when measuring.
*Human blood pressure is a changing parameter. Theoretically, there will be little differences between each measurement. It is the best, however, to re-measure once or twice and choose the average value. Re-measurement should be carried out after 5 to 10 minutes

Before measurement
*Avoid eating and smoking as well as forms of exertion direction before measurement, these factors influence the measurement result. Find time to relax by sitting in an armchair in a quiet atmosphere for about ten minutes before taking a measurement.
*Remove any garment that fits closely to your upper arm
*always measure on the same arm(normally left)
*always compere measurements taken at the same time of day, Since blood pressure changes during the course of the day, as much as 20-40 mmHg.

1 x blood pressure monitor
1 x Upper Arm cuff
1XUSB Cable
1 x user manual

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  • Accurate & Reliable---Lovia blood pressure monitor use advanced "intelligent" and biotechnology to provide you with high-precision systolic and diastolic pressures as well as heart rate readings. A homeuse blood pressure machine developed through professional clinical experience.
  • Memory Mode & 2 Users Compatiable-- Two User Capability, conveniently toggle between 2 users to record measurements separately with the last 240 memory storage, At the end of a measurement ,this automatic blood pressure monitor stores each result with data and time.
  • Adjust & Comfortable Cuff----The blood pressure monitor cuff Length 22 cm(8.7 inches) to 40cm (15.7 inches), whatever you are a thick arm or a thin arm, Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor will not affect the measurement, because the cuff has enough length and width can be used to adjust, so you are comfortable in the measurement process.
  • Large LCD Screen---blood-pressure monitor has a Large screen looks very clear, older people are also very easy to look, the measured data is not only fast but also accurate, Use high blood pressure monitor without any pressure.
  • Authority & Warranty---CE and FDA CertificationTested by professional safety agency, safe to use. 6 month unconditional refund and returnprofessional 24 hours customer service.AC adapter and 4*AAA batteries (Not included)

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LAROSA MEDICAL Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - Readings Memory Function & Large LCD Display - Fast, Automatic & Easy to Use - Highly Accurate Sphygmomanometer

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LAROSA MEDICAL Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is considered as one of the most accurate manual sphygmomanometers for everyone who wants to get blood pressure readings everywhere.

Why should you choose LAROSA MEDICAL Blood Pressure Monitor?

- Easy to adjust your wrist cuff.

- Help you compare the readings of the past 85 measurements.

- Can be used as a medical device for home, hospitals, schools, offices.

- Easy to follow your blood pressure daily.


Correct Measuring Method

1. Sit comfortably on a chair with your feet on the floor.

2. Hold your arm across your chest at heart level. Hold your elbow firmly to avoid body movement.

3. Before measuring, take a deep breath three or four times, relax your shoulders and arms. Do not talk or move during measurement.


How to apply the wrist cuff

1. Roll up your sleeve but not too tight, as it may constrict the flow of blood in your arm.

2. Wrap the cuff directly around your skin. Do not apply over clothing.

3. Position the cuff leaving approximately 1.5cm between the cuff and the bottom of your palm.

4. Fold the remaining part of the adjustable wrist cuff back out of the way.



1 * Blood Pressure Monitor

1 * User Manual

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  • ACCURATE & RELIABLE: An advanced measuring technique based on CE certificate and approved by FDA is applied to LAROSA MEDICAL Blood Pressure Machine in order to provide you with the most accurate reading. Each device has been undergone individual testing to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the product.
  • LARGE LCD DISPLAY SCREEN: With a large LCD screen, this blood pressure monitor shows measurements of Systolic Blood pressure, Diastolic Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Value clearly. The screen automatically turns off after 2-3 minutes of inactivity to save power.
  • MEMORY FUNCTION: The Panasonic blood pressure monitor is able to store 85 measurements. This function helps you keep track of your blood pressure trends easier and simpler.
  • EASY TO USE: With a press on ON/OFF Button, the manual blood pressure monitor starts automatically to get an accurate reading. After that, all you need to do is wait and read the accurate result showing clearly on the digital screen after a few minutes.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: The LAROSA MEDICAL Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor comes with a 1-Year Warranty. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, We are willing to give you a full refund.

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Blood Pressure Monitor CocoBear Upper Arm Digital Automatic BP Monitor for Home Use, 2 * 90 Memory Storage Adjustable Cuff Batteries Included FDA/RoHS Certified

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COCOBEAR -Your Health Manager
CocoBear digital blood presssure monitor adopts imported advanced high-precision chip.
Humanized adjustable large cuff design.
Provide you with accurate blood pressure and heart rate measurement. 
Simple operation, accurate measurement
Easy to use - fast and effortless
2 user mode, service guaranteed

COCOBEAR- Intimate Tips
1.The bandage should be tied to the left hand and not to the right hand, which can affect the accuracy of the data.
2.Sitting and sleeping are the best. Do not stand to measure blood pressure. This will increase your blood pressure.
3.Using blood pressure timers, the body is naturally relaxed, do not speak, eat, drink water and so on.
4. Measurement results can be affected by various uncertainties. It is recommended that the first measurement data be negligible.
5.Avoid electromagnetic interference when testing.

Product specification
Pressure accuracy: 3mmHg
Pressure range: 0 to 299mmHg
Pulse accuracy: 5
Pulse range: 40-199 times per minute
Cuff size: 8.7 inches - 12.6 inches
Power: Includes 4*AA battery
Automatic shutdown: 3 minutes

Package List
1 * Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
1 * Large Cuff
4 * AA battery
1 * User manual
1 * Warranty Card

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  • Accurate MeasurementAdopt Germany imported high-precision chips, obtained CE certification and FDA certification. The pressure accuracy is 3 mmHg, and the reading accuracy is 5, providing you with the safest and most accurate readings
  • Humanized DesignWith large LCD display, easy to read, especially for the elderly. No operation after 3 minutes automatically shut down. The upgraded adjustable upper arm cuff(8.7 inches to 12.6 inches), which incorporates hook and loop
  • Irregular Heartbeat IndicatorOne-button measurement, monitoring blood pressure and heart rate values at the same time. If irregular heartbeats are detected, irregular heartbeat symbols will appear to help you understand all health conditions in a timely manner
  • Memory FunctionIn Dual-User mode, each user can store the last 90 readings with a date and time stamp, and can randomly switch between 2 users to store the measurement results separately. Help you keep track of your health condition
  • Packaging IncludesCocoBear blood pressure monitor, Adjustable cuff, 4*AA battery, user manual, 24 months warranty card. If you have any questions, please contact us to ensure your satisfaction

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AccuraPulse Fully Automatic Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor, Easy-to-Read LCD with Two User Memory Support & Hypertension Indicator and Irregular Heartbeat Detection

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Life is about balance. Our team understands the desire to live life with a healthy balance. The AccuraPulse Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor was designed with this in mind. The device is portable with a lightweight and durable design. You can check your blood pressure on the go, when necessary.

Nearly one third of Americans suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure); therefore, many doctors are now asking their patients to track their blood pressure data at home via an automatic monitor. It is important for the device to be used in consultation with a qualified medical practitioner. Your doctor will be able to determine any health issues and is the best person to make the most sense of your readings.



The monitor is designed for those who want clear, accurate results and the ability to store data. Giving you more confidence that the data is accurate. Precision is key for tracking your health and giving you a peace of mind.


Newly updated with a premium cuff and a professional kit, this monitor measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as pulse with a single button.

EASE OF USE: Clear product instructions, making the device quick and easy to set up.

AUTOMATIC: Starts taking a reading at the press of a button.

SPEED: Returns results within a minute.

MEMORY: Can record up to 120 readings & can accommodate 2 users with 60 readings each. (This is handy if you have more than one person monitoring their blood pressure in the same household, as you can share one device instead of buying multiple separate models.) Gives an average of last 3 values.

ALERTS: Will alert you if you have high blood pressure, or if you have an irregular heartbeat. An irregular heartbeat detector will help tell if you have an arrhythmia, a condition which often goes undiagnosed.

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  • CUFF SIZE: 13.5-21.5 cm - Easy to read with the large display. The backlight makes it easy to read even in the dark. - MEMORY CAPACITY - Memory storage with date and time stamp allows you to review the last 60 readings per user with a touch of a button.
  • INSTANT MONITORING: AccuraPulse Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to make your blood pressure monitoring simple, quick, and easy at all times. The monitor will give you the SYSTOLIC AND DIASTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE READINGS, along with the HEART RATE.
  • IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT INDICATOR - If an irregular heartbeat is detected the irregular heartbeat symbol will show on the device. -HYPERTENSION INDICATOR - Records your indications of hypertension. Body movement detection to assist with more accurate reading.
  • CLINICALLY VALIDATED: This digital blood pressure monitor device has an advanced measuring technique that not only gives you a fast reading but more importantly the most accurate one. Accuracy of readings is vital in the medication of high blood pressure.
  • GUARANTEED: We are confident in our product; therefore, we guarantee it. If for some reason you are unhappy with the device, we will take it back within 1 year from purchase.

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Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm with Carrying Case, APULZ Digital Automatic BP Machine Cuff 8.7-16.5 in, High Accuracy Twice Consecutive Measurements, 240 Memories for Two Users- Batteries Included

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The APULZ Blood Pressure Monitor offers high-accuracy blood pressure readings to the whole family.

Monitoring your blood pressure wherever you are, is essential not only for your health, but for your peace of mind. It is therefore vital to have complete reassurance from accurate readings.

Technical Specifications
Display: 4'' Large digital screen
Measuring range: Blood pressure: 30-280 mmHg (in 1 mmHg increments); pulse: 40-200 beats/minute
Static accuracy: Blood pressure: 3 mmHg; pulse: 5 of reading
Inflation: Automatic inflation via internal pump
Memory feature: 2 users 120 memory sets
Power source: 4 x AA batteries (included) or a power adapter (not included)
Product weight: 485 g/17.1 oz
Product size: 5.03 in x 3.62 in x 2.40 in/128 mm x 92 mm x 61 mm
FDA certification: Yes

1.Avoid eating, smoking or any form of exertion. Try to relax by sitting comfortably for about 10 minutes before taking a measurement.
2.Always measure on the same arm (normally left).
3.Attempt to carry out measurements regularly at the same time of day, since blood pressure can change throughout the course of the day.
4.Do not activate any of the muscles in the arm during measurement. Otherwise, the machine will inflate repeatedly and result is not accurate.

Package Contents
1 x Blood Pressure Monitor
1 x M-L Size Cuff
4 x AA Batteries
1 x User Manual

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  • GUARANTEED ACCURACY & FAST READ OUT: Advanced MAC mode automatically takes 2 consecutive measurements and calculate the average for more accurate readings. Measurements will show within one minute under standard mode
  • One-Size-Fits-All Cuff: Easy adjustment for a snug fit from 8.7-16.5 in; this large wide-range cuff covers all age groups in your family, including children, adults and the elderly.
  • 240 Memory Storage: This blood pressure machine stores 120 sets of readings for 2 users respectively and show you an average value of the last 3 measurements at first, convenient for home use
  • Easy-To-Read DISPLAY & User-friendly: 4"extra-large display ensure you to get readings more convenient on this high blood pressure device; One-key operation; Silent inflationTraffic light indicator and irregular heartbeat indicator for checking measurements
  • CONVENIENT & WORRY-FREE: Dual power supply, either 4 x AA batteries (included) or a power adapter (not included); 12-month return policy and lifelong maintenance for your satisfaction

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Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Blood Monitor 2AAA and Carrying case with Large LCD Display - FDA Approved

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Health is Wealth! Health Management, now made possible at you home and in your budget!
The most efficient blood pressure is now at your disposal!

  • Easily wear the monitor to your wrist and adjust it accordingly
  • Large screen LCD display for BP readings and other indicators like battery, date, time, etc
  • Have a hassle-free BP and heart rate monitoring experience
  • Read the last 60 BP readings stored with date and time
  • Use at home, study, work, or travel
Automatic BP monitor is the leading device in the market, trusted by millions for accuracy of its results and ease of use.
Monitor and Regulate your Blood Pressure conveniently!
A press of a button on the device and few seconds for you to get the most precise and easy to access blood pressure reports. The large LCD display makes it feasible for the elderly or those with a poor vision to also read the BP readings.
Energy Efficient Device with reliable date and time display!
The device maintains the date and time for the saved readings for your reference. Also, it automatically powers off if left unused for a minute to save battery.

On-Screen Battery status indicator!

The device displays battery strength on the LCD screen itself. If the battery is running out, the display screen highlights it and you must change your batteries to continue seeing accurate readings.The blood pressure monitor also measures the heart beat and indicates if it is irregular and if you must consult your doctor.
The package includes a detailed usage manual and carry box to use the device while travelling.Value the health of your loved ones too!
Suggest this device to your friends and family and do not shy away from gifting it to them to offer them the privilege and comfort of monitoring their BP and heart rate from their home. They will always be grateful to you for such a thoughtful gift.

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  • Intelligently designed to offer ease of use and accurate readings: Blood pressure monitor is the most precise electronic monitoring device for home use. It displays exact blood pressure reports on its large LCD screen in just 30 seconds!
  • Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor: Just slide the device up to the wrist on either of your hands to and fasten it tight. The monitor shows accurate blood pressure readings in less than 30 seconds of pressing the start button of the device.
  • Large Storage Capacity: The device can store upto 60 past BP readings and help you keep a track of your blood pressure history. You can easily compare the previous readings and even use these to consult your doctor or general physician for your health and medicines.
  • Truly light weight and portable: The device is feather light in weight and you can easily carry it along to monitor your blood pressure anywhere anytime. Fits in a small place, this is a travel friendly BP monitor, ideal for your everyday usage as well.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction or Money Back: We value your peace of mind and want you to be stress-free while shopping for this product. We are offering a 30 day money back guarantee for this device. You will either like the product or return it to get 100 refund.

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Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm with Large Blood Pressure Cuff 8.7-16.5 Inches and Backlit LCD Display FDA Approved (Black)

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Automatic Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Large Cuff and Blue Back Light Electronic Blood Pressure Machine
Product Features
Fast & Accurate Measure- The automatic blood pressure monitor cuff be used by doctor in clinic because of accurate check result
Adjustable Large Cuff- Widely designed fit upper arm size from 8.6"-16.5" Easy to Operate- Wearing the cuff ,pressing the power button, measure the blood pressure automatically, so conveniently
Big & Clear Screen Number- Perfect gift/present for parents
Blue Back Light-The digital blood pressure monitor backed blue light, you can read the result in the dark, and visible for poor sight person
Users switchable-Just press one button to switch users

Display: 3.2 inch Large LCD digital display
Measuring principle: Oscillometric method
Measuring localization: Upper Arm
Measuring range:Pressure: 0299 mmHg; Pulse: 40199 pulses/min
Accuracy: Pressure: 3mmHg; Pulse: 5
Memory function: 290 memory of measurement values
Power source: 4xAA battery/DC 6V/AC adapter (Not included)
Automatic power off: In 3 minutes
Main unit size: 5.4*3.93*1.8 inch
Lifetime: 10000 times under normal use

Package Included
1x Blood Pressure Monitor
1x Adult Size Cuff
1x Instruction Manual
Error Symbol Solution

E1-Weak signal or pressure change suddenly Solution-Wrap the cuff properly

E2-Reason-measured near cellphone or high radiant

E3-Reason:It appears error during inflating
1.Wrap the cuff properly;
2.Make sure the air plug is well inserted E5-Cause:Abnormal blood pressure
3. Remeasure after 30 mins relax (3 times E-5) pls contact your doctor

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  • Accurate and quickly measuring blood pressure monitor: you can measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse within seconds.
  • Large 8.7-16.5 inches blood pressure cuff - The easy- it's made of high -tech material to ensure it collects accurate readings.
  • AC / DC power bp monitor : it is more convenient and will last longer.
  • Large backlit LCD screen, Extra-large backlit LCD ensures clear numbers even in dark room.
  • Automatic operation. So everyone, especially the old, can easily use it at home, even in dark room.

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Metene Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Kit with Large LCD Display, Irregular Heartbeat Monitoring Fully Automatic Fast & High Accuracy Reading (90 Reading Memory)

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Metene Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff

How to take proper measurements?
For the most accurate blood pressure measurement:
1.Patient position in normal use, including: comfortably seated,legs uncrossed, feet flat on the
floor,back and arm supported, middle of the cuff at the level of;
2.Remain still and keep quiet during measurement.
3.Relax as much as possible and not talk during the measurement process.
4.Measure your blood pressure at about the same time every day.
5.Do not measure right after physical exercise or a bath. Take a rest for twenty or thirty minutes
before taking the measurement.
6.It could affect the readings in the below conditions:
Within in an hour after dinner,after having wine,coffee,red tea,sports,bathing;talking,being
nervous,being in unsteady mood, bending forward, moving,room temperature dramatically
changing during measuring;in the moving vehicles,long time continuous measuring.

W. H. O. blood pressure classification display
Metene blood pressure monitor designs pressure classification according the standard of W. H. O.
Grade 1 hypertension(mild)
Grade 2 hypertension(moderate)
Grade 3 hypertension(severe)

Package includes:
1 X arm blood pressure monitor with cuff
4 X AA batteries
1 X store bag
1 X manual

Notes: if you taking medication, consult with your doctor to determine the most appropriate time to measure your blood pressure. NEVER change a prescribed medication without first consulting with your doctor.

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  • EASY TO USE: Metene blood pressure monitors suits home use easily, it can monitor your blood pressure at any time when you at home. Press a button to automatically measure, record the measurement values and measurement time.
  • HIGH ACCURACY AND RELIABILITY: This blood pressure monitor equipped with the most advanced technology for high accuracy. The device has approved FDA to confirm its reliability.
  • W. H. O. BLOOD PRESSURE CLASSIFICATION DISPLAY: This monitor show the different blood pressure classification according the standard of W. H. O. it has the function to monitor the irregular heartbeat.
  • MEMORY STORE AND LCD DISPLAY: The device is capable of 90 memory store. The LCD display will show the blood pressure and heartbeat readings simultaneously.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND WARRANTY: for 12 months after the day of purchase, we take care of all related quality issue with a free replacement or full refund. For customer service Email: [email protected]

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Value blood pressure monitor