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Epica 18-Oz. Glass Beverage Bottles, Set of 6

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Stop struggling with flimsy, hard-to-fill plastic bottles ... and worrying about what their chemicals are doing to your body and the environment. Epica's sturdy glass bottles let you safely, conveniently store your favorite beverages in the refrigerator, or take them with you to the gym or office.

Healthy, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic
Glass food containers are making a big comeback. The reason: more and more research revealing the health risks of ingesting plastic's chemical components, such as BPA and phthalates. Not to mention their icky plastic taste. Plus, glass bottles will last for years, and you won't be throwing hundreds of plastic ones into the landfill.

Stainless Steel Cap with O-Ring for Water-Tight Seal
No worries about leaking, no straining to tighten the Epica's cap. Thanks to the inner O-ring, which acts as a gasket, you only have to turn the cap until it reaches its natural stopping point. The leak-proof seal will hold even if you carry the bottle horizontally.

Wider Mouth for Easy Filling and Cleaning
The tiny neck of the average water bottle makes it almost impossible to fill without spills. Epica Glass Beverage Bottles, on the other hand, have a wider mouth that significantly reduces your filling time and hassle, as well as making the interior easily accessible to a cleaning sponge or brush. Even better, both the bottle and the cap can go in the dishwasher.

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  • EARTH-FRIENDLY BEVERAGE BOTTLES: Your fresh-squeezed juices look gorgeous on your table and in your fridge in these classy air-tight and Eco-friendly bottles.
  • BE HEALTHY, WHEREVER YOU GO: It's easier than ever to take your healthy homemade juices and smoothies with you when you carry them in your Epica Bottles.
  • DURABLE, LEAD-FREE GLASS CONSTRUCTION WITH EXTRA-WIDE MOUTH: Most water and juice bottles are a pain to fill and wash but the wide mouth on these Epica Bottles make everything from filling to cleanup easy.
  • AIR AND WATER TIGHT STAINLESS STEEL CAP REFUSES TO LEAK: Each cap is lined with a rubber O-ring so it will never leave a leaky mess in your car or bag. Oxygen can't get in to break down the enzymes and ruin your juices.
  • 18 OZ. BOTTLES FIT ANY LUNCH BAG OR CUP HOLDER: Take your bottles with you wherever you go - in the car, school or work. At 9 in. tall and 2.5 in. diameter, they fit in most car cup holders.

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Clear Glass Water Bottles Set - 6 Pack Wide Mouth with Lids for Juice, Smoothies, Beverage Storage - Made in USA - 16 oz, Durable, Eco Friendly & BPA Free - Reusable, Dishwasher Safe, Leak Proof

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    Water tastes bad after a short time in BPA-rich plastic bottles & it's never good to store juices and smoothies in plastic.
    Our glass water bottles seal in the goodness. Experience clean-tasting chemical-free purity with these specially designed bottles.


    Here's why these water bottles are the "must-have" when you leave home...
    • An extra wide neck for no-spill drinking
    • Airtight caps seal in freshness & won't leak
    • Made by USA manufacturing facilities
    • Easy to add ice or pour in a smoothie without spills
    • Eco-friendly & health-friendly 6-pack water bottles set
    • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
    • Made from thick glass to withstand life on the go & freezing
    • Great for smoothies, protein shakes, sauces, lemonade & water
    • A handsome gift for lovers of healthy lifestyles & eco-friendly living
    • Slender easy fit for refrigerators, car cup holders & gym equipment
    • No chemicals, toxins or BPA's to contaminate your beverages

    No, if you leave enough space (1", no cap) for the freezing contents to expand then these clear glass bottles will not crack or break. The products are made to the highest standards using durable materials.


    No, they are extremely strong.

    **FREE e-books with purchase**
    Created by Vanessa Simkins of, VAS Exclusive has premium products for a healthy lifestyle. Buy with confidence, you're covered by our 100 Money Back Crystal Clear Guarantee, no questions asked.

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    • AIRTIGHT FRESHNESS THAT WON'T LEAK... your juice won't ooze to give you the blues, just lots of sealed-in goodness for fresh juices, smoothies, infused waters, summer lemonade, kombucha, nut milks, cold-brew coffee, iced-teas & delicious sauces
    • WIDE MOUTH WINS EVERY TIME... perfect for filling with ice, making fruit & herb infused waters & adding smoothies from the blender & juices from the juicer, without spills; a pure natural drinking experience & super-easy to clean
    • HIGH QUALITY & DISHWASHER SAFE... no bottle brush needed, but wash the caps by hand only. Manufacturing facilities have supreme standards throughout
    • EXTRA-THICK ECO-FRIENDLY BOTTLES... our glass is clear, & you'll be green; our water bottles set is recyclable, reusable & durable, so you can ditch the plastic to feel fantastic
    • CHEMICAL-FREE PURITY... without toxins, lead or BPAs in our water bottles, you know what you're drinking; unlike plastic, where harmful contaminants can seep into the contents.

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    Set of 2-33.75 Oz Giara Glass Bottle with Stopper, Swing Top Bottles for Oil, Vinegar, Beverages, Beer, Water, Kombucha, Kefir, Soda, By California Home Goods

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    At California Home Goods, we aim to provide customers with the best quality essentials at a great price. Our California Home Goods Giara Bottles feature incredibly high-quality, elegant long-neck glass bottles perfect for any avid homebrewing hobbyist or kitchinista. Whether making your own kefir, craft beer, kombucha, soda, or even water, our bottles make it easy to store your beverages, oils and so much more.Each bottle comes with its own reusable and easy-to-remove fliptop cap so that you can reuse your bottle over and over again. Item Specifications: 33.75 Fluid Ounce Capacity per Bottle Flip Top Caps for Each Individual Bottle 12" Tall x 3" in Diameter Comes in a 2 Pack of 6 Pack

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    • ELEGANT, STURDY DESIGN: Beautiful decorative giara glass water bottles are made of durable transparent glass built for reuse. The grolsch flip-top bottles are dishwasher safe and the strong glass body offers superior resistance to impact and temperature changes. At 33.75 ounces per bottle, you'll have plenty to serve at your next party.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE STORAGE: Store 1 liter of liquid beverages, oil, vinegar, water, kefir, kombucha, or anything else! Our leak-proof swingtop cap are easy to remove and also perfect for fresh pressed juices as it prevents oxidation, keeping vital enzymes and nutrients from deteriorating quickly, making the juice last for longer.
    • DURABLE & RESEALABLE AIR-TIGHT CAPS: Plastic & rubber flip top gaskets are easy to remove and put on, keeping your homemade beverages sealed, preserving carbonation or fermentation. With the airtight gasket, these resealable bottles make the perfect glass carafe, glass bottles, wine bottles, kombucha bottles, water pitcher, and more!
    • SET OF 2 OR 6: Whether you're using the beverage bottles as water bottles or to store infused oils and vinegar, you will always have enough. These elegant clear bottles with stoppers are BPA, toxin, chemical and lead-free, making it the safest and most durable choice as a beverage bottle.
    • 30-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Your happiness is our priority. If you have any issues with these large swing top bottles, reach back out and we'll promise to make it right with a refund or a replacement, no questions asked.

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    Swing Top Glass Bottles - Flip Top Brewing Bottles For Kombucha, Kefir, Beer - Clear Color - 16oz Size - Set of 6 - Leak Proof Easy Caps, Bonus Gaskets, Chalkboard Labels and Pen - Fast Clean Design

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    EZ Cap Style Clear Bottles Designed For Homebrewing

    Perfect for brewing batches of kombucha, water kefir, limoncello, beer, soda and more. Crystal clear glass make filling a breeze.

    Our flip top stoppers come pre-attached to the bottles, no more straining to attach them yourself.

    Unique high-pressure gaskets are designed for brewing high-carb beverages. Adding fruit or a lot of priming sugar to your brew? No problem! These are high-quality Grolsch style bottles and caps.

    Reusable time and time again, these are built to last
    - Thick heavy glass bottles
    - (204) stainless steel closures are dishwasher-safe and won't rust or peel like cheap chrome.
    - Straight sides and a tall slim design makes for easier cleaning and more hygienic bottles when compared to stouter shapes
    - Hardwearing BPA-free plastic caps won't crack or break like porcelain.
    - High-pressure bottles rated to 4 bar / 58psi
    -18 chalkboard labels and a liquid chalk pen, use the pen to write directly on the glass for daily labeling, save the labeled bottles for the guests!
    - Your bottles come with 2 sets of different style gaskets to suit your brewing style, use our high-pressure gaskets for high pressure and longer fermentation brewing or the medium pressure gaskets for standard brews and medium duration ferments.

    Bottle measurements:
    9.9" high
    2.67" diameter
    1.17" outside neck diameter
    0.66" inside neck diameter

    Bottle capacity:

    Safety information: Before each new brew, check for any chips or cracks in the glass that could cause weakness. Always put brewing bottles inside a cardboard box or cupboard rather than out on a countertop during the fermentation process.

    MBBB Trading is the only genuine seller of Otis Classic bottles. Please check your order is placed with MBBB Trading and Fulfilled by Amazon

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    • HEAVY DUTY CLEAR GLASS - Rated to 4 bar / 58psi, ideal as beer or kombucha bottles
    • CHALKBOARD LABELS & PEN: 18 chalkboard labels and a liquid chalk pen
    • STRONG SWING TOP CAPS - 204 Stainless steel. Durable plastic caps. Dishwasher safe
    • FREE REPLACEMENT GASKETS - Full set of 6 replacement medium pressure gaskets
    • IMPORTANT - MBBB Trading is the only genuine seller of Otis Classic bottles. Please check your order is placed with MBBB Trading and Fulfilled by Amazon

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    Brieftons Glass Water Bottles: 6 Pack, 18 Oz, Stainless Steel Leak Proof Lid, Premium Soda Lime, Best As Reusable Drinking Bottle, Sauce Jar, Juice Beverage Container, Kefir Kit - With Cleaning Brush

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    Why settle for a cheap alternative when you can have a premium set of reusable glass water bottles that will last you a lifetime?

    Unlike cheap plastic water bottles that leech chemicals, toxins and odors, Brieftons Glass Water Bottles are food safe and completely free of lead, cadmium, BPA & phthalates. They are perfect for storing juices and other liquids for cooking, allowing you to prepare, and conveniently store for later use. Use these bottles to conveniently and safely store your favorite beverages in the refrigerator, or take them with you to the gym, office, outdoor picnic, or wherever life takes you.

    Made of ultra clear soda lime glass, the Brieftons Glass Water Bottles have a low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength and hardness, high transmittance and high chemical stability. They are easy to wash, and come with an air tight cap to ensure they are completely leak proof.


    Great value set of 6 top quality glass bottles, perfect for liquids, juices and drinks

    Made from lead/cadmium/BPA/phthalates free, food-safe thick soda lime glass with superior impact resistance

    Odour free, chemical free

    Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

    Each bottle comes with an air tight, leak proof, 201-grade stainless steel cap

    Includes a large bottle cleaning brush for easy hand washing

    Suitable for both warm and cold beverages

    Slim design for easy storage in a fridge or cupboard

    Stop struggling with flimsy, hard-to-fill plastic bottles and worrying about what their chemicals are doing to your body and the environment.

    Don't settle for less and choose the best with your Brieftons Glass Water Bottles today!

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    • GREAT LOOKING, DURABLE, LEAD-FREE BEVERAGE BOTTLES WITH EXTRA-WIDE MOUTH: Your freshly squeezed juices look beautiful on your table & in your fridge in these classy air-tight, eco-friendly bottles. They are also ideal for keeping water, drinks, brew, coffee, tea, sauces, salad dressing, kefir, fermented drinks ready to go anytime BE HEALTHY, WHEREVER YOU GO: It's easier than ever to take your healthy homemade juices and smoothies with you when you carry them in your Brieftons glass bottles.
    • EASILY STORE THEM ANYWHERE, IN THE FRIDGE, LUNCH BAG OR CUP HOLDER: The slim design means you can take your bottles with you wherever you go, in the car, school or work EASY TO CLEAN AND FILL: Most water or juice bottles are a hassle to fill and wash but the wide mouth on these Brieftons bottles make everything from filling to cleanup easy. We make cleaning even easier for you with a long bottle brush (included in the pack). Use these as healthy, eco friendly alternative to plastic bottles.
    • AIR AND WATER TIGHT STAINLESS STEEL CAP FOR A LEAK-FREE EXPERIENCE: Each cap is lined with a silicone O-ring so it will never leave a leaky mess in your car or bag, no matter how you place the bottle. Oxygen can't get in to break down the enzymes and ruin your juices MULTI-PURPOSE: Ideally used as juice containers, fermentation jars, kefir starter kits, beverage, drink jugs for everyday use. Great substitutes for epica, estillo, miu, chefs, evenflo, camelback, pratico, aquasana bottles.
    • SAVE MONEY WITH THIS VALUE PACK: Bundle includes 6 CLEAR 18-Oz Brieftons glass bottles with water tight lids A long bottle cleaning brush for easy hand washing Plus 2 exclusive juicing recipe ebooks (Brieftons' Quick Juice Recipes ebook and Brieftons Guide to Juicing ebook) to get you started with your glass bottles right away. Capacity: 18 Oz per bottle. Dimensions: 8.7 IN (Height) x 2.6 IN (Diameter). Mouth opening: 1.2 IN (Inner diameter) or 1.6 IN (Outer diameter).
    • HOW DOES IT HELP YOU? These are perfect for storing drink water, juices, smoothies, or as an air tight jar for cooking sauces & essential oils. Use them for easy refrigerator organization, or take them with you to the gym, office, picnic, or wherever life takes you. Suitable for both warm or cold liquids BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We are the trusted kitchen brand with thousands of happy customers. You get a full unconditional money back guarantee if you are not happy with these glass bottles.

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    17 Oz Glass Water Bottle Virtually Unbreakable with Thick Sides

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    Comfortably Holds 17 oz. This Clear Glass Milk Bottle offers an heirloom-quality container perfect for filling and serving your favorite beverage. Bottle can be used for everything water to personal care, from sauces to detergent, and from promotional items to candies. The nostalgic look and feel of the 16.9 oz Clear Glass Milk Bottle will make your product stand out from the crowd.

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    • Durable 1 Pint Glass Water Bottle- fits average-size water bottle holders
    • Includes a BPA-Free Snap-Cap, Bottle is rated at 16 oz but will actually hold 17 oz
    • Great for many other applications- milk & nut milks, jam, ketchup, and sauces
    • Replacement 48 MM Caps are readily available
    • Has thick sides that can sustain 3 foot drop onto concrete
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    Bormioli Rocco Giara Clear Glass Bottle With Stopper Set of 4 Swing Top Bottles Great for Beverages, Oil, Vinegar 33 3/4 oz

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    Pure elegance. Ultimate Quality. Is what defines the Giara swing top bottle. They are constructed of durable, transparent, thick glass for endurance. The glass bottles come in a set of 4 to use for its endless purposes like storing oil and vinegar. Perfect for brewing kombucha and kefir due plastic gasket which forms airtight and leak proof seal. Ideal narrow neck avoids spills and aids in pouring. Dishwasher safe bottle can withstand pressure of 4 atm, it is 3" in diameter and 12" tall.

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    • Heavy Duty - elegant grolsch bottles are constructed of durable transparent glass; swing top bottles features thick glass for longevity; beautiful glass bottles come in a set of 4Height: 12-Inches Diameter: 3-1/4 Inch Capacity (oz): 34
    • Storage Uses - excellent glass flask for use with liquid beverages, ingredients, oil and vinegar; use the home brew bottles for kefir and kombucha; swing top glass bottles are also great for homemade vanilla and bottling whisky; ideal bottle for holidays and gifting
    • Construction - narrow neck of clear glass bottles aid in easy pouring and spill avoidance; gap and gasket of glass bottles with stoppers are made of plastic; swing top beer bottle is 3" in diameter and 12" tall.
    • Clear bottle advantages - mechanism is simple yet effective and easy to open and close; swing stopper creates a secure and leak proof seal making the flip top glass bottles perfect for preservation; withstands pressure of 4 atm! bottle with stopper is dishwasher safe

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    Kablo Glass Water Bottle 32 oz, 100 Borosilicate Glass, BPA Free

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    What makes the Kablo glass water bottle best in class?

    1. Our bottles comply with strict FDA guidelines for drinking water, glassware and leaching requirements.

    2. Our Kablo bottle will not leach any chemicals and will not leave a metallic flavor that you typically find when using a stainless steel container.

    3. Leak free stainless steel cap that is airtight.

    4. The neck features a wide mouth 2-inch opening for easy filling and cleaning.

    5. At 32oz it will hold half of your recommended daily water intake. One refill is all it takes to stay hydrated all day. The slim width makes the bottle portable and convenient to place in cup holders.

    6. Resistant to thermal shock, and in the rare event of breakage, the bottle will split into large chunks and will not fragment into hundreds of pieces.

    Instructions for Use

    1. Wash your water bottle upon arrival. Due to the thermal expansion during the manufacturing process, the bottle will have a subtle odor which will go away after your first wash.

    2. The silicone gasket (ring) may be attached to the lip of your glass bottle upon arrival. We have designed the silicone gasket this way so that it is removable for easy cleaning. Simply push it back into the lid with any dull object, for a proper, leak-free seal.

    3. The glass bottle is dishwasher-safe and may be placed on the bottom or top rack of your dishwasher. The stainless steel cap should be hand washed or placed on the top rack of your dishwasher.

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    • 365-DAY REPLACEMENT: If your glass bottle breaks within the first year of purchase, we will ship you a replacement for free and cover the shipping cost. We are the original Kablo glass water bottle brand. We encourage our customers to research the brands they purchase from - many companies make claims of 'borosilicate glass' but do not specify their manufacturing processes and standards
    • NO CONTAMINANTS: Leadless, non-toxic, BPA-free, BPS-free, phthalate-free, cadmium-free, and composed of 100 high-density borosilicate glass. We use uncontaminated organic materials to produce the highest quality borosilicate glass water bottles available. Borosilicate glass is chemically unreactive and it will never impart flavors or leach chemicals into your beverage like plastic or stainless steel alternatives. Perfect for natural spring water or mineral water
    • SAFE: Kablo bottles comply with strict Federal and State standards for undecorated glassware, including FDA Lead and Cadmium guidelines and California's Proposition 65. Resistance to thermal shock makes our water bottle a safer alternative allowing you to enjoy iced or boiling hot beverages; Our glass bottles are dishwasher safe; stainless steel caps should be hand washed. By choosing a glass water bottle you are helping to reduce single-use plastic bottle pollution and keeping our oceans clean
    • AIRTIGHT & LEAKPROOF: The exterior of our cap is 304 stainless steel, for the interior we use BPA-free polypropylene (pp#5) as it does not contain 'Bisphenol A' (BPA), a chemical that leaches from certain types of plastic and has been linked to various diseases. Polypropylene has no known leaching characteristics and is more durable than other types of plastic. Our cap features a 100 silicone lining (removable for easy cleaning) to prevent leaks, and is also BPA, BPS and phthalate free
    • FITS CUP HOLDERS: Fits into standard size cup holders; wide mouth 2-inch opening for ample room to add ice, and create fruit or herb infusions. One or two refills provides your total recommended daily water intake. Bottle Height: 10 1/4" ; Diameter: 3" ; Mouth opening 2". Protective silicone sleeves are available to purchase and sold separately on Amazon

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    Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Seal Glass Pitcher With Lid and Spout 68 Ounce Great for Homemade Juice & Cold Tea or for Glass Milk Bottles

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    Place your sun brewed tea, infusion fruits, kombucha or kefir inside .The airtight seal can keep juice fresh for days and the glass retains cold water temperatures.The lid is one that could stay on the pitcher, and twisting could open and close it, yet it can also be removed completely. Sturdy yet lightweight, this cool pitcher fits perfectly on the door of your refrigerator due to it's decorative square shape. Being dishwasher safe is what makes this an item a real must-have! "I use my glass jug every day" says a happy customer. Use this great glass pitcher in lieu of those cheap plastic ones which retain hazardous chemicals and leave a bad plastic-y taste.Yup, it's a smart choice for a healthy lifestyle! Not for use with hot water!

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    • Constructed of thick glass, The absence of lead guarantees 100-percent recyclable products; superior resistant to use and dishwasher safe guarantees long lasting product; textured glass allows for an immediate view of the beverage contained, made in Italy
    • An integrated strong handle, wide mouth built-in pour spout makes it very simple to fill with ice or any favorite cut fruits, easy to hold and dispense and hand wash them. yet is small enough pitcher fits perfectly in refrigerator door
    • Perfectly houses your favorite beverage, glass bottle holds 68 ounce or 2 liter - great glass jar with lid to store milk or store-bought beverages homemade lemonade juices in durable safe glass storage container with lid for easy, feel-good enjoyment
    • Modern square Bormioli frigoverre glass jug with hermetic lid are the perfect glass pitcher for serving water for any occasion and enhances every table; BPA Free leak proof lid , keeps beverages cold fresh and tasty for much longer.

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    Kuratere BPA-Free White Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Protective Silicone Sleeve Travel Style Reusable Glass Bottle

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    Water Bottle brought to you by Kuratere.

    This reusable, elegant and sleek glass water bottle is the perfect addition to your modern, simple and minimalist aesthetic.

    A pure, white silicone covers the high borosilicate glass to protect it for travel. Use the water bottle at the office, school, university or on the go.

    Made with BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead and Cadmium free materials, this water bottle is made out of high borosilicate glass with a silicone cover. Glass has no added chemicals from plastics or metals, and does not alter the taste of your drink. It's also able to withstand extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures!

    Our bottles are designed with the environment in mind. Reusable, eco-friendly, non-toxic bottles that are built to last a lifetime. The bottles are also easy to clean!

    Designed in California by Kuratere.

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    • SAFE & STURDY - BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead and Cadmium free. No added chemicals from plastic or metal. High Borosilicate glass is extreme temperature resistant. The Bamboo lid is also sealed, leak proof!
    • SLEEK & SIMPLE - Our glass bottles feature a minimal, clean, sleek and simple design. Designed in California, these glass bottles are the perfect companion for any stylish accessories.
    • REUSABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY - Non-toxic, reusable forever, these water bottles are built to last. The silicone cover protects the glass and helps insulate the bottle. Help the environment by replacing your disposable bottles and plastic bottles. They also are easy to clean and dishwasher Safe.
    • MADE BY KURATERE - Our extreme diligence in quality control, design and aesthetic ensure that you will be receiving a product that works great, feels good and is simple and sweet.
    • TRAVEL READY - This bottle makes a great on the go water bottle! Perfect for school, coffee shops, day trips to into the city and more. Show off your modern and minimal design anywhere you go!

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    Glass bottle